I’m a Friendly Posing Squirrel.

I’m a friendly squirrel.  I like to pose for the camera.

I like to look in the camera and clap my front feet.

I like to watch the lady take photos side to side. What is she doing I wonder?  I will just freeze, like I love to do.



I like to act frozen like she can’t see me.

I like it when she walks as if she is walking away.

damnt, then I realize she creeps out from behind the gate, still there taking photos of me.

now from a different angle.  God damn, she will not stop.

Oh yes, profile view.  She is getting really close.

I feel discomfort, but get extreme pleasure for posing in a head shot.  I know my face is dirty but I don’t care, I love to pose.

frozen in panic, she is way to close.  I’m now annoyed and have anxiety.

I will twitch my tail and take off.  That is what I love to do, I love to twitch, freeze frame and run.


I will come back when she brings nuts…..  I could read her mind that she is going too.


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