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Box 185 by sara keiser

Feather Leather Earrings Fall 2014

Always a stunning collection of reversible feather leather earrings as a pair or single.  This fall our feathers are more exotic, chic and stylish than ever.  Brilliant colors with earth tones, shimmer and all hand picked for the perfect fit.  All earrings are handmade, one of a kind.  Visit us every Saturday and Sunday this […]

Box 185 by Sara Keiser

Quote from John Cap – Thank you John!

Thank you John Cap for sending such a lovely thought in a  message to me.  I am sharing because your words have inspired me-  “It’s true! It captures like real intensity in your work.I don’t think people realize that what you design comes from your mind and hands…its not a mass produced “item”.  That pic […]