Little Boy Blue wanted to feed squirrel, too bad, so sad BLNT

(better luck next time)

As I was walking I noticed at all my little friends searching for food as I passed Seward Park.

I quickly paused in my day and dashed into the local Cashew stop, to pick up some goodies for my friends.  He was so happy to see me.  Frozen in his steps he could hear the plastic cashew wrapper unwrap.  Jerking and Twitching his head he couldn’t wait to see what was next.

snatching it up quickly, the race was on to eat and twitch.

Nibble Sybil

fast moving twitch head almost done, wants another

Consuming number 3 cashew….  the crowd starts to watch

as the children gathered near, he paused and looked up from eat time.

twitching quickly to the right, he shows us his rat like unattractive profile, yet ready to eat more cashews.

munching and going wild, watching the crowd of youngsters staring

worried that the young children will snatch up his cashews

shockingly he did not choke

onlooking crowd must go, the teachers tell the children….  the little boy falls to his knees and begs to stay to feed the squirrels.  he starts to cry and plea to feed them….. crying uncontrollably…..

Little Boy Blue begs to stay and watch

Alert that Little Boy Blue cries out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He does not care, he will search for nuts once more

I threw him a cashew and I knew he was grateful, he looked at me before the big chomp

Not interested in Little Boy Blue anymore, he twitches and eats some more.

happy again that he is alone eating cashews, he does not care about Little Boy Blue.

knowing nobody is watching, he turns around to munch the cashews that were left in private time.

I must get back to work.


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